What It Is. What It Does. And How It Does It.
By Dr. Arnold Nerenberg, Ph.D.
When I tell you about Power Sugar, it would be totally understandable if you said, "That is impossible. It's just too good to be true. How could there ever be anything that can do all that!"
Let's take a look at all the amazing claims. But before I do that let me give you an inside tip. There are literally hundreds of empirical studies to substantiate everything that is being told to you. It is not just a matter of a few obscure studies. It's not a matter of a few anecdotal stories. It is not commercialization of wishful thinking. It is not a hypothesis or theoretical position. It is scientific fact.
Firstly, know this: the 5-carbon sugars in Power Sugar have been known and used for over 50 years. Each one is extremely powerful. The effects are further expanded by including various vitamins and antioxidants. Now, check out these facts: Mitochondria are the powerhouses in all your cells. All your muscles in your heart, arms and legs have mitochondria. All your smooth muscles. All you striated musculature. All your brain cells. This powerhouse requires ATP to produce energy. Energy needed for all the life functions. But you cannot produce ATP without one particular 5-carbon sugar. You need this 5-carbon sugar to move, to breathe, and to fight pathogens. Your body produces this 5-carbon sugar, but slowly; with exertion, such as during intense exercise, you use it up. Therefore, to fuel the Fire of Life, to fuel the ATP production, to ignite energy in the mitochondria, you need this 5-carbon sugar. It is contained in Dr. Nerenberg's Power Sugar. You cannot get enough of it by eating foods. You need to supplement with it to really do the job. Plants will supply mostly 6-carbon sugars produced by photosynthesis; these sugars are foreign to our bodies. We cannot produce it. But we do produce this 5-carbon sugar. What is its name? What is it derived from? Why have you never heard of it? What are its properties? What can it do for you?
This amazing 5-carbon sugar is called D-Ribose. It is derived from glucose. It is a mystery why more people have not been told of it (although Dr. Oz on his TV Show in late 2012 had extolled its powers). It does not raise your glucose levels as do the 6-carbon sugars; in fact, it momentarily reduces it. It does not cause on insulin spike. Unlike the 6-carbon sugars there is no evidence that it has prosperity to turn into belly fat as do the conventional table sugars. What It Can Do For You?
It will amp up your muscle power. You will lift heavier weights. You will get more reps. Your heart will love it. Your brain needs it. And that's not all. There may even be a synergistic effect with the other components of Power Sugar. This part is based on experience and personal reports of others. Approx. 30% report feel immediate effect. A SHOCK OF POWER! Incredible! Another 40% say they feel the effect in 15-20 min. (And 30% say they feel no effect at all. Just being real). The numbers look great. In your favor. Your mitochondria are blasting away. ENERGY!
Guess what happens to your endurance? Running, duration of workout, jumping, cleaning the house, anything! You got it! Way up.
Lots of it. And for approximately 30%, it will be immediate. If that is all it does, that would be more than enough. But there's more!
Activation of your immune system requires energy. Where does it come from? ATP! What ignites the power from ATP? D-Ribose. Wait! That's not all.
HEALTHY for Diabetics
That is right. A sugar that is more than diabetic friendly. It is actually HEALTHY for Diabetics. It not only doesn't raise blood glucose levels, it reduces it for awhile. Many diabetics have heart issues. D-Ribose is a part of what Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D., the leading Cardiologist in Alternative Medicine called the "awesome four": Magnesium, L-Carnitine, COQ10, and the fourth is what. You guessed it, D-Ribose!
Now, let me tell you something about D-Ribose you might not like (again, keeping it real): The taste to many people, including myself, as not good. That's where the second 5-carbon sugar comes into action. The mixture tastes better than either one alone. Delicious! There is a synergistic effect, just like the potentiation power effect that appears to be the case.
Can you imagine there is a sugar which is delicious and actually fights cavities and dental plaque? Isn't sugar supposed to give you cavities? But not this one. It creates an environment in your mouth in which harmful bacteria cannot survive. In fact, they will have a hard time to survive in your nose and ears. So, this sugar helps to fight ear, nose, and throat infections. What kind of sugar is this? Where does it come from? Is it completely natural?
Harmful bacteria in your month thrive on 6-carbon sugars. So do cancers in people's bodies. Solution: a special 5-carbon sugar! There is no evidence it feeds cancer and lots of evidence that harmful pathogens will not survive in its presence. Like D-Ribose, all living beings, plants and animals, produce it. In Finland it use to be harvested from the bark of birch trees. Mostly now we get it from corn cob. This 5-carbon sugar and D-Ribose are both being produced in your body as you read this. NOW THAT'S NATURAL!
What is it called? It use to be called "Wood Sugar." Now it is called XYLITOL (pronounced Zy-Li-Tol). How come most people have never heard of it? How come dentists don't prescribe it? This is especially bewildering since it is FDA approved for fighting cavities. What is even more unusual is that it is in many chewing-gums, mouth rinses, and toothpastes; most people - including the clerks and sales people in drugstores
- never heard of it. Well, let's just say this not knowing is a mystery. The good news is that now you know. These are just some of the benefits. There's more! We'll save that for another time.
Extremely delicious. Natural. No after taste. But here's something you probably didn't know: During vigorous exercise many free-radicals are created. This - in turn - creates a window of opportunity for germs to make us sick after a work-out. Why? Our immune systems are compromised by those free radicals. With Dr. Nerenberg's Power-Sugar you are less likely to get sick after exercising. Why? Antimicrobial properties of the Xylitol and the immune boosting properties of D-Ribose help to protect you, to keep you safe. That's just some more great news about Power-Sugar. It's not too good to be true! IT'S TRUE, THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT ... SO GOOD!